TFM Car Freshener Scents

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The Farmhouse Merc car fresheners SCENTS are specially formulated for our fresheners and will not damage the hair or leather. These are perfect for any vehicle!  Add a little stock show style to your car or truck! So many varieties and so many scents!  You will have the best smelling car or truck in the parking lot! 

Fresheners are reusable and rescentable!  Simply respray the hair side of your freshener to rescent!  

Scent Options

Naked Cowgirl - Butt Naked and Leather (sweet)

King George - Leather, Night Ice, and Vanilla (sweet manly)

Rip - Sexy and Manly (spicy cologne)

Amarillo by Morning - Woodsy man's cologne (manly)

Black Raspberry - Fresh picked raspberries and creamy vanilla (my favorite)

Baja Cactus - Cactus flower and sun kissed coconut (cowboy on a beach)

Chubby Hubby - Sweet milk chocolate and cotton candy (buttery)

Chick's Dig It - Cherries, lemons, and limes (lemony fresh)

Vanilla -(classic county home)